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Jake Sawyer
Posted Mar 29 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys, I currently design my mockups in Sketch so that they're in points (414x736), and export at @3x for my iPhone 6 plus. Sketch mirror knows to scale the artboards up to 3x, I was wondering if there's a way to set the import scale in Framer! I was having a very difficult time trying to find out what the object exactly is that is created when you import from Sketch, and was disappointed to find the renders blurry when upscaled (via a parent layer).

Thanks for any help anyone can offer!


Joseph Reni

I had the same question a few days ago - I changed the design to retina 2x. I made sure all layers were in a single group - then scaled it in framer using canvasname["groupname"].scale = .5 and then groupname.originX = groupname.originY = 0

Benny Chew

I also wondered about this, I think being able to set the import scale is a nescessary feature in Framer Studio. Found this very handy script lately. Scale double (tip: map it to a hotkey for fast access, mine is ctrl alt cmd 0). When I want to import to Framer, I convert my 1x artboards to 2x (iPhone 6) and everything works fine.

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