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Antonio A. Asevedo
Posted Feb 26 - Read on Facebook

New to JS as well as Framer. How do I slide one layer (an image) over another as the user goes from page to page?
I see this on "Learn":
layerA.on Events.Click, ->
And this on "Docs":
layerA = new Layer()

layerA.on Events.Click, (event, layer) ->
myTouchEvent = Events.touchEvent(event)

Is it something like this:
properties: {x:0, y:0}
curve: "linear"
repeat: 0
delay: .5
time: 0.3

I am struggling with the syntax. Any help is appreciated!


Nate Moore

Hey Antonio! I would suggest taking a look at and digesting some of that code a bit to get a handle on the syntax.

This, I think, addresses your question. You're pretty close on the animation syntax!
See if it helps?

Antonio A. Asevedo

I'm so close, but . . .

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