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Paresh Ravi
Posted Feb 19 - Read on Facebook

Is it possible to create Interactions for multiple screens using Framer studio.


Marcelo Eduardo Oliveira

Hi Paresh, if you're thinking like : TV + phone or tablet (second screen cases ) I would say you can try the following:

1. create a custom Device with the image of both devices
2. create a "wrapper" layer for each device and position them.

I've done something similar in the past and works, although I would recommend doing it outside the studio if gets too complex and you want to actually load the phone prototype on the real device one day (like I did )

Paresh Ravi

Im actually looking for making multiple actions from the same screen. For Instance, I have 3 screens now for my mobile application. I would like to be able to click on various buttons on Each screen and have them navigate to other screens with animations. Through the examples I only see that they have one screen and a single click function. So is this something I can do with Framer Studio

Marcelo Eduardo Oliveira

Oh Much simpler issue ;) I over complicated it.

Yes, there's some approaches you can take and the one I said actually works :

Create a top level layer and call it "screen1" add all elements correspondent to that and do the same for each screen . To change between features animate the top layers.

For 2 or max 3 screens you can do by hand but if things get a little bit more complex you may need a function that manages the state ( which screen is on )

Paresh Ravi

cool.. ill try it out. thanks Marcelo Eduardo Oliveira

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