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Joe Lifrieri
Posted Feb 19 - Read on Facebook

Hello! Can I delete or remove a project I've shared via Framer?


Aaron Carámbula

Cc Koen Bok :D

George Kedenburg III

if you ping [email protected] they will pull them i think

George Kedenburg III

also lol

Robyn Morris


Joe Lifrieri

Hugo van Heuven

Koen Feature Request: Can we have a confirmation before sharing, i've clicked that button twice by accident when I actually wanted to mirror :)

Chad Lonberger

+1 ^^

Rafael Puyana


Jordan Robert Dobson

It'd be nice to have a similar mirror menu that contained a list of your previous shares with the option to delete them.

Koen Bok

We're planning on this. But it's a bigger feature because before we can build this we need some form of authentication system so we can tell who owns which prototype.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Couldn't that come from the application that created it? Do macs have a uuid?

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