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Trevor Phillippi
Posted Feb 18 - Read on Facebook

I'm curious how others handle capturing/archiving iterations. I don't want to have tons of duplicate .framer folders, but I want to be able to capture iterations to be able to show how my ideas have progressed/evolved. My instinct is just to use Quicktime and record video of every iteration I want to be able to recall–this is cleaner but kind of restricting in that the video is all you have long term.

I'm encountering this because as I actually see something and interact with it, I realize all of the problems that exist and then start to head in a new direction. But that artifact is important for me to have for my own uses, as well as to show my professors and put in my portfolio to illustrate how I arrived at my eventual solution.


Jordan Robert Dobson

I would use git and then flag major revisions that you have.

Trevor Phillippi

It honestly didn't really occur to me to use version control for this, since all I really want to have is some video representing the interaction that I moved away from. I can probably take frequent videos and use VC in case I want to revisit something down the road.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Do you use cloud app? If so getting a video via that is super easy.

Cmd + shift + 6

Then it uploads and provides you with a link. :) Thats a very simple way to go.

Trevor Phillippi

I usually user Ember from RealMac to record/screencap compulsively and catalog with tags/collections afterwards.

Zachary Russell Heineman

I am using this tool that I adapted from the Framer.js examples site:

Kevin Cannon

QuickTime actually has a nice screen recording feature built in. I use that a lot.

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