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Drew Stock
Posted Feb 18 - Read on Facebook

When I open this project on iPhone 6 it's saying that device width is 980 and height is 1744. Anyone else with iPhone 6 get the same (I've set it up so that it should print your device width and height)? In Framer Studio I get correct values of width 750 and height 1334.

Any ideas why this might be happening? Thanks.


Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Drew Stock, thanks for the heads-up. Turns out that on iOS devices, the dynamically calculated viewport sometimes was off. This has been fixed today. Simply update Framer Studio, then all new projects contain the fix. If you're looking to update existing prototypes, you can temporarily remove the index.html file and let Framer re-create one for you by re-saving. :)

Drew Stock

Benjamin! Works great now. Thank you for the quick turnaround on this fix. Very much appreciated.

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