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FX Fuhrmann
Posted Feb 18 - Read on Facebook

Hi. I have a question regarding the rendering on Safari mobile. Usually when you scroll a page with Safari, the tap and bottom bar shrink.

However when I open the link with my shared Framer, it doesn't react. How can I fix that ?

Thank you very much!


Joshua Tucker

Hey mate! Could you share your prototype with us? It makes us easier to help you. You can do so by clicking "Share" in the top right hand corner of Framer Studio.

FX Fuhrmann

Hi Joshua Tucker! Unfortunately I can't share this prototype (client's project). Basically the nav and tap bar stay there on the link, after scrolling. On websites it usually "shrinks". Is that clearer ?

Nils Hoenson

I’m not entirely sure what the problem is about, but I reckon it’s about not being able to view/show your prototype properly? In that case: I recommend you using Jay Stakelon's app called Frameless. It’s built specifically for testing and showing Framer prototypes on various iOS devices!

Joshua Tucker

FX Fuhrmann No worries, I understand. Did a full-screen browser like Nils Hoenson suggested work for you? Definitely the most optimal option.

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