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Michael Dorian Bach
Posted Feb 17 - Read on Facebook

Can someone help me understand what's the difference between a Framer Layer and a Framer View? I've seen the use of views in a few examples.

Also, when importing from Sketch, does the resulting layers in framers automatically get attached to one root uber SuperLayer or is everything just a a stack of root level layers?


Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Michael, in the previous version of Framer that which is now called a "layer" was called a "view". They both refer to the same thing.

The layer hierarchy you define within Sketch is respected, but you can target your layers directly. For example, if I have a "parent" layer group that contains one "child" layer group, I can target the child layer by name directly in Framer, like:

"sketch.child.opacity = 0.5"
...without having to write "sketch.parent.child.opacity = 0.5".

However, Framer still respects your hierarchy, meaning that the child layer group will become a subLayer of the parent layer group. In this case, "parent" is the superLayer containing the child. If the parent layer is the highest level within your layer-hierarchy within Sketch, it will not have a superLayer of its own, so it indeed gets placed in the "root" of your layers within Framer.

If you then define new Layers within Framer, without defining a superLayer, they will be within the same "root" level as the "parent" layer within Sketch, although since they are defined after the import statement, the index value will be higher than that of the imported parent layer. (Effectively rendering it on top of the imported layers)

Michael Dorian Bach

Thank you so much for this explanation. It explains some of the errors I was getting.

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