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Pedro Carmo
Posted Feb 17 - Read on Facebook

Has anyone built a replica of the mobile Safari selector? I’m using it for a project but currently cheating by using a screenshot as a quick fix to complete the step in the flow.. Curious if someone has already tackled this problem of building iOS interaction templates..


Joshua Tucker

Hey Pedro! I've had some experience with using HTML/CSS elements in Framer so I decided to look into this and see what I could come up with. This specific integration is new to me but I think I got you something you can play around with! If you decide to try it in the browser first before downloading, just click the black box. I tried to make this integration as lean as possible so it's not fancy or anything. Opening this on a mobile device will you get the select box you are looking for however in Framer or any desktop browser, it's simply standard.

I included some notes at the top of my code and I am open to any questions or brainstorming. I tried my best to comment and explain as much as I could. Hopefully this serves you well!

Mike Kotsch

Amazing demo. From a UX point of view, I'd say use a slider instead. It really is a pain in the ass to use those dropdown anywhere else than on a desktop computer.

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