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Junyuan Qi
Posted Feb 17 - Read on Facebook

I just made a navigation bar concept using Framer and loved it=) The idea was to hide the labels of tabs so it looks better and show them on touching so users won't be confused.
BTW, I had a problem with importing layers from Sketch. There's a cross agent error when requesting imported images. Has anyone came across the same problem?


Rhys Merritt

Just playing devils advocate here.. But, won't touching the icon place the users finger / thumb in the way of the text? Which could potentially render the interaction useless.

Giovanni Caruso

HI! Seems nice although I have some doubts about the overall experience: 1) with a touch interaction close to the desktop-like "mouse over" your finger will cover the label (unless you are imagining a two-taps interaction that will be problematic as well and probably useless); 2) labels don't distract/confuse users: they help you clarifying the meaning of the icons you adopted.

Hugo van Heuven

It seems like a moot interaction... wouldn't touching the icons take you to that particular tab already?

Peter Hilgersom

I agree with the above but I love the framer. Don't get discouraged Junyuan Qi !

Andrei Popovici

Would it not navigate to that tab on touch? Does it take a second touch?

I'd rather see the labels rise above the icons, only while the finger is held down (the touch equivalent of "hover")

Marcelo Eduardo Oliveira

Let's look at the positive side :) You have a point of view, and the first execution may have problems ( content being behind the finger ) so my suggestion is: iterate while keeping your goal in mind.

I would move the label to the top of the tab element, showing it above the finger, and only while the finger is down, allowing the user to read and decide. Or even create an area for that (not necessarily on top of the icon itself. )

There's a lot of exploration to solve the problem you set to solve, and framer is a great tool for that!

Andreas Wahlström

Nice job! Welcome to the community. As for the error, this might help:

Junyuan Qi

Thanks for all the feedback. It behaves like a normal navigation bar, and it shows the label when you touch the tab, which also leads you to the according view. The label will remain for 3 second, so if user would like to check out what it is, he can. Though, I do realize that the interaction is kind of losing its origin purpose(making the navigation bar cleaner yet clearer). I'd make some updates and see where it goes. Thanks =)

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