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Jörg Linder
Posted Feb 16 - Read on Facebook

I'm having problems when importing from Sketch: It always leads to incorrect sizes (see attached screens). I've created an iPhone 6 artboard in Sketch, and I'm using the iPhone 6 viewer in Framer Studio, so this should work together nicely ...? Could it be related to an incorrect setting? Using Sketch Beta 3.3 and Framer Studio 10.10.1, btw.


Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Jörg Linder, it's because your document is in @1x and you seem to be exporting it at @2x within Sketch, while Framer displays the iPhone 6's screen in its native resolution: 750 x 1334. If you design in 750x1334 your prototype will display accordingly.

Optionally, you can tweak the contentScale within Framer, but using this to upscale your images may result in blurry content.

Jörg Linder

Thank you Benjamin Den Boer, this helped. Don't know why I didn't see this. And why Sketch doesn't have this as an option available somewhere (the way I see it I have to adjust the artboard-size every time, because Sketch's iPhone 6 artboard defaults to 375x667 ...).

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