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Abdou Ghr
Posted Feb 15 - Read on Facebook

Hi Framers, anyone who can help to avoid the blurred text anomaly when using 'Nexus-5' device? Thanks a lot.


Marcelo Eduardo Oliveira

Hi Abdou Ghr : what's the resolution you using on your design? for the nexus 5 the resolution is 1080x1920, so only using that you will get 100% crisp text.

Abdou Ghr

Hello Marcelo Eduardo Oliveira Im using this resolution. I noticed it several times: without 'nexus frame' it works perfectly. With frame, new text elements become blurred after 0.5s.

Abdou Ghr

I can avoid using 'nexus frame' but because of my design resolution (1080x1920) my prototype is not crisp with browser resolution of 33%.

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