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Joshua Tucker
Posted Feb 15 - Read on Facebook

Anyone worked with adding DOM elements to Framer layers and styling with CSS? I am trying to consolidate code by doing this:

layerElement.document.createElement("input") = {
"height": "#{layerElement.height}px"
"width": "#{layerElement.width}px"

However, this won't take. It will take however like this:

layerElement.document.createElement("input")["height" = "#{layerElement.height}px"["width"] = "#{layerElement.height}px"

Thoughts? Thanks!


Koen Bok

For interactive elements you need to explicitly set the:

These are disabled by default in Framer for performance and a more native feel. I try to enable them "smart" here, but it doesn't catch all use cases:

Joshua Tucker

Cool thanks Koen. I'll give it a shot.

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