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Kyungsik Yoon
Posted Sep 01 - Read on Facebook

Hello, folks. I am newbie to framerJS from Flash. Is there a way to handle continuous event in framerJS like enterFrame in Flash?


Marcelo Eduardo Oliveira

Not currently, but you can always do your own RequestAnimationFrame loop and go from there :

window.requestAnimFrame = (function(callback) {
return window.requestAnimationFrame || window.webkitRequestAnimationFrame || window.mozRequestAnimationFrame || window.oRequestAnimationFrame || window.msRequestAnimationFrame ||
function(callback) {
window.setTimeout(callback, 1000 / 60);

Kyungsik Yoon

Thanks, I will give it a try!

Kevin Cannon

setInterval can also work pretty well, people used that in Flash too!

Koen Bok

Or use the Framer loop:

Framer.Loop.on "update", -> ...

Isa Bison

Is this documented somewhere?

Grace Tingshan Gou

I was trying to use window.setTimeout but the program crashed and didn't response to me, does anyone have some ideas? Thanks!

Isa Bison

See Koen's answer.

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