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Alexander Artsvuni
Posted Feb 13 - Read on Facebook

another noob question:

is there a way to do this with 1 line of code:

layerA.opacity = whatever;
layerA.y = whatever;
layerA.scale = whatever;


Alexander Artsvuni

Just to clarify, I've created a layer, and i'm trying to override its properties. Wondering if there is a 'compact' way of doing it.

something like: {opacity=""; y=""; scale=""}

Alexander Artsvuni

ok found an answer! by looking at code demos.
Next time will dig trough the code examples before asking ;) = {opacity:X; y:X; scale:X;}

Koen Bok

Protip: you can do this for any object like this:

_.extend(someObject, {a:1, b:2 ...})

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