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Bryan Clark
Posted Feb 13 - Read on Facebook

Is there a way to specify an animation curve for a particular state?

For example, something like this:

animateInCurve = "spring(400,30,0)"
animateOutCurve = "spring(350,35,0)"
hidden: {y: screenHeight, curve:animateOutCurve}
visible: {y: shadeOffset, curve:animateInCurve}


Ryhan Hassan

No, but you can specific a curve each time you switch to a state

LayerName.states.switch "stateA", {curve : "spring(200,20,0)"}

Alexander Artsvuni

thanks dude, was struggling with the same problem.

Kevin Cannon

Is there any way to integrate a tweening library like Tweenlite?

Joshua Tucker

Doug Proctor Seems like you should be able to by doing something like:

LayerName.states.switch "stateA", {x: 0, y: 200, curve: "spring(200,20,0)"}

Bryan Clark

Thanks Ryhan Hassan!

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