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Bryan Clark
Posted Feb 13 - Read on Facebook

Is there a way to specify an animation curve for a particular state?

For example, something like this:

animateInCurve = "spring(400,30,0)"
animateOutCurve = "spring(350,35,0)"
hidden: {y: screenHeight, curve:animateOutCurve}
visible: {y: shadeOffset, curve:animateInCurve}


Ryhan Hassan

No, but you can specific a curve each time you switch to a state

LayerName.states.switch "stateA", {curve : "spring(200,20,0)"}

Doug Proctor

This is useful. Can you pass in other animation options along with curve?

Alexander Artsvuni

thanks dude, was struggling with the same problem.

Kevin Cannon

Is there any way to integrate a tweening library like Tweenlite?

Joshua Tucker

Doug Proctor Seems like you should be able to by doing something like:

LayerName.states.switch "stateA", {x: 0, y: 200, curve: "spring(200,20,0)"}

Bryan Clark

Thanks Ryhan Hassan!

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