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Rhys Merritt
Posted Feb 12 - Read on Facebook

Hi Urryone!

Total Framer noob here, and I've just finished making a mess of my first prototype :) I have two issues now that I would love to ask if anyone can help me solve;

1.) I can't seem to share, or mirror this prototype.. It seems to just be blank when I share (which seems problematic when trying to share it here in this post!)

2.) I have created the interaction I like, but am stuck when it comes to allowing the interaction to do the reverse once the user clicks / taps the 'Hotels' layer after it has animated.

Download -

Any help whatsoever would be greatly appreciated.. I hope I can return the favour in time and help others in the framer community!


Koen Bok

Hey Rhys, can you zip your project and paste it here? Do you see any errors when sharing in Do you happen to use Sketch with plugins?

Sven Szota

It seems that you use local references to the images you load in your prototype. That's why it will show a blank screen as the files stay on your machine. Drag and drop your assets into the viewer so they get imported and you are good to go sharing or mirroring the stuff you make.

Rhys Merritt

Hi Sven, I placed images inside the projects image folder, and drag and dropped the assets into the code area so the path was perfect. Is this different to dropping straight into the viewer?

Koen Bok, here is the link to the zipped project -

I did create these assets in sketch, but did not import straight from sketch..

Here are the errors that showed up in -

Sven Szota

Hey Rhys, they are not included in the project's image folder you shared here.

Dragging the assets into the code area will generate the absolut path. This will only work if you view the prototype on your computer.

You have to drop them into the viewer area next to the code area so they get imported. This will generate a "images/YourAsset.png" path.

Rhys Merritt

Sven, you are awesome! :) thanks for that!!!

Sven Szota

Glad I could help, Rhys. :)

Sven Szota

Ah, regarding the second question of yours:

have a look into the docs of Framer.Studio and search for "
animation.reverse()". This should help.

Rhys Merritt

Sven.. You are super awesome! thanks dude!..

I didn't end up using the animation.reverse(), but instead I checked the states, and changed from state.switch, to, and added the reverse states for each asset.

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