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Joshua Tucker
Posted Feb 11 - Read on Facebook

Hello all! Is there any way to change an animation's properties after declaration? I have tried all sorts of reading and wizardry without luck!


animation1 = new Animation ({
layer: layer
{scale: 1}

Later in my code, I'd like to change animation1's scale to something different.


George Kedenburg III

Any reason you're using animations instead of states?

Koen Bok

What are you trying to do exactly?

Joshua Tucker

Not particularly. My canvas has 40+ animating elements at once so I have resorted to declaring animations inside the functions. I could probably use states :P.

Joshua Tucker

Koen Bok As it says in my comment: the scale of animation1 is 1, for example. I want to change the scale of animation1 to say .5 and then call that animation again.

Koen Bok

Why do you want to re-use the specific animation? You can just make a new one, or even write a little helper function that only takes scale.

Joshua Tucker

Koen Bok True. I'll just do that for now. Thanks both of you!

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