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Rémy Saddour
Posted Feb 11 - Read on Facebook

Hello, I am trying to create a prototype with the video through the element "new VideoLayer" my prototype runs on FramerStudio well as desktop browser, but as soon as I displayed on a tablet browser, the video won't work...

Someone would have a solution?



Marcelo Eduardo Oliveira

Rémy: there can be a couple issues:

1. make sure the video is encoded in a format that plays on the device. If you're testing on iOS open the video with QuickTime and exports for iPad / iPhone etc.

2. Video will not autoplay on iOS devices. You will need a custom browser. I Use frameless from Jay Stakelon for that and works great.

Let me know if this helps!

Rémy Saddour

Ok! I'll watch it , thank you for responding so quickly!

Rémy Saddour

Frameless is really cool, it works perfectly ! thank you

Marcelo Eduardo Oliveira

Thanks to Jay !

Jay Stakelon

Thanks to Marcelo Eduardo Oliveira and Rémy Saddour for being rad

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