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Tung Chi Vo
Posted Mar 12 - Read on Facebook

Hi All ! I'm using windows 8.1, how can I work with Framer JS ? I've downloaded "Framer Studio-1.10.1" but It doesn't work :(


Peter Hilgersom

Isn't framerJS only for OSX?

Tung Chi Vo

What you mean ? Peter Hilgersom

Tung Chi Vo

It work so well on OSX, but I can not open on Win 8.1

Peter Hilgersom

Tung Chi Vo that framerJS is only developed for OSX. It's not compatible with W8 :) the website also states 'AVAILABLE ON MAC'.

Tung Chi Vo

okay, I should buy a new device nowwwww ! so tired ..... Thanks Peter Hilgersom

Peter Hilgersom

no problem!

Andre Rodrigues

Hi, are there any future plans for Framer JS on Windows or Linux. Android is very popular here in India, and we use Windows and Linux machines for development over Macs.

Tung Chi Vo

I hope I can user with windows :(, I like this tools

Kim Does

Framer Studio is Mac only, but I think you should still be able to use Framer JS which is JavaScript based.

Or is Framer JS no longer being updated? (I've moved to studio so I am not a 100% sure)

Tung Chi Vo

Kim Does thank you so much ! i'm finding video tutorial about " Framer JS which is JavaScript based."

Florian Franke

Hey there, can you please post the link to a tutorial for using framer without the studio? Thanks!

Koen Bok

Yup Framer Studio is entirely based on Framer.js. It is the exact same thing.

Florian Franke

Now i "got" it. Thanks!

Andreas Mitschke

Peter Hilgersom Andre Rodrigues Framer Studio is for MAC-only but that has nothing to do with the framerjs framework.

You need to use certain task automations to make your editor environment similar to the framer studio. Crucial are sketch tasks, browser reload autos and task viewers.

A group member made a post to show his basic workflow with ST2 and gulp:

Even without dev knowledge you could basically simply copy that.

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