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Min-Sang Choi
Posted Jan 09 - Read on Facebook

So I saw Matt Chan 's post about rear camera the other day, and played with my previous work to take advantage of both camera on device. Sorry for the bad quality, but I hope you get the idea. :-)

(I know, controller part is a mess)

Live demo (works best with android chrome)


Arturo Goicochea

Hi Min-Sang Choi ! Any chance you have something updated? Or could point me in the right direction? :D Tried the last one but got an error.

Marc Krenn

Yup, it's kinda broken in Chrome right now:

* On Mac it doesn't even ask for cam permission
* On Android Nougat the cam stream stops either instantly or after a few seconds

But in theory this should work (at least for some seconds)

My old and formerly working files have the same problem so I guess this is due to some changes in Chrome's code.

Marc Krenn
Jordan Robert Dobson

That's great! This is exactly what I needed for my next prototype.

Kyung Jae Ha

Wow!! That's great!

Benjamin Den Boer

Ooh nice!

Jorn van Dijk


Samwoo E


Jay Lee

Oh this is super duper awesome! Min-Sang Choi Are you planning to share your code to shed some light on us?

Min-Sang Choi

Jay Lee I'll share it after cleaning up few things.

Jay Lee

Thanks! Look forward to it.

Sean Green

Min-Sang Choi did you get around to sharing this file? I could really use the assistance. :) thanks

Sean Green

Min-Sang Choi??

Min-Sang Choi

Sean Green hey sorry I just saw this. I probably have to dig through my year old repo but will find it and deliver it ;-) It's there and and (hopefully) still works.

Min-Sang Choi

Sean Green here you go : and sorry for super belated delivery folks!

Sean Green

Awesome Min-Sang! Thanks so much

Sean Green

Min-Sang Choi looks like its not quite working anymore?

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