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Matt Wujek
Posted Feb 11 - Read on Facebook

Finished up a prototype for my favorite startup in San Francisco, Scoot Networks.


Johnatan Uribe

really cool

Sander Värv

Thanks for sharing a more complex prototype

Lora Suljic

So it can be done, yay! :) How much time did this take you?

Rhys Merritt

Wow.. I've just created my first prototype, and mine now looks incredibly basic! Hahaha.. Would love to know how long this has taken you? And roughly how many lines of code? 😁

Matt Bogado

This is very cool.

Matt Wujek

Thanks everyone! Lora and Rhys, this prototype is a culmination of several smaller experiments that span over a few weeks. I put together a simple carousel object a few weeks ago and that was a big part of this proto. Koen helped me with the radial animation and the Date object for the last slide. I wouldn't suggest making something this large for most projects as it got very cumbersome towards the end; however, if you make a complex prototype, tackle each problem in separate files and merge them later on.

Matt Bogado

that's a great idea!

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