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Harshad Kulkarni
Posted Feb 11 - Read on Facebook

Can someone help?
The background image is getting stretched

screenwidth = 640

systembar = new Layer(


Matt Wujek

Harshad, if you're having an issue, share file via your Framer App and post the link. My guess is that your image is a different size than the systembar layer (640x40).

Matt Wujek

Yeah, you're image is too small. It's much easier to build prototypes with photoshop or sketch. Here's a good tutorial:

Harshad Kulkarni

yep... Thanks for correction. Also is there a way to align a sublayer to the bottom of superlayer. By default sublayer is aligned to the top.

Matt Wujek

Yeah, dig through the documentation and you'll find a lot of good info on that stuff. You'll probably want to align an element to the maxY coordinate of the suoer. See layer.maxY in the docs

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