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Bobby Giangeruso
Posted Feb 10 - Read on Facebook

Quick question (hopefully),

Would it be possible to directly call an artboard from an imported Sketch file as I would with a folder? At the moment, I have a temporary fix for this by keeping everything in one artboard but that's unusual and quite unorganized.


Bobby Giangeruso

Since my art board is named "Invitation" I added "Invitation.visible = true" and it gave me an error that says, "ReferenceError: Can't find variable: Group". Any ideas?

Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Bobby, could you share your prototype or replicate the issue for us to look at?

Bobby Giangeruso

Hey Ben, I have an Sketch document setup with a couple of artboards ( My question is if it's possible to rename this artboard by doing something like "inviteScreen = sketch.Invitation"?

Bobby Giangeruso

Ah dude that worked!

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