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Lucas Carmichael Lu
Posted Feb 10 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys! I have been wanted to learn FramerJS for a while now. I am a product/visual designer with a good understanding of CSS but only introductory to JavaScript. Any designers out there who have mastered the tool want to share a little bit about their experiences? Thanks.


Kevin Cannon

There was a link posted a few days ago about learning is visually. Check that out.

Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Lucas, your understanding of CSS can go a long way when trying to wrap your head around JavaScript.

There's many ways to start learning, and I think that the preferred method is different for everyone. You may prefer to learn mostly by doing - starting with building things and tinkering with already available examples, and if you get stuck, ask/search for help. If you're like this, the Examples page is a great place to start - starting with some simpler examples located near the bottom of the page, and keeping the Documentation on tab to look up stuff you'd like to tinker with. The environment of Framer is well suited for this kind of learning, with instant visual feedback and inline error-handling etc.

If you're looking to start with a solid understanding of the fundamentals before diving in, you may prefer to start reading through the Learn pages: for the Framer / CoffeeScript basics or other resources for JavaScript:, etc. There's also fantastic courses available online, which help you learn via Video tutorials, challenges and quizzes. I can recommend the JS courses from CodeSchool: and Treehouse:, but there's many more out there.
The documentation available on is also considered one of the best references available on JS:

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