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Burak Esen
Posted Feb 10 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys, im having a little issue. I want to make a message visible, after a few seconds invisible. Then the next message should appear. I want to stay "ABC" for a certain time. I tried "time: 5", but somehow it seems to be ignored.

My code so far:

XYZ.on "end", ->
properties: {opacity: 1}
time: 5
delay: 1

ABC.on "end", ->
ABC.visible = false
properties: {opacity: 1}
delay: 1.0


Peter Hilgersom

hi Burak, the delay should be 5. Time is about the time the animation runs. So here you turn ABC from opacity 0 to 1 in 5 seconds (time:5). Try turning the delay and time around.

Peter Hilgersom

PS: I'm not an expert by far! just thinking along ;)

Metin Saray

try onAnimationEnd or Utils.delay 1, -> abc.animate....

Andreas Wahlström
Amy Casillas

In addition to the above, check your indentation. Everything that happens in the on "end" handler needs to be indented. So the ABC end handler needs to be at the same level as the ABC animate function.

Burak Esen

@Amy The indentation was correct, Facebook messed it up. :D I solved the problem with Utils.delay. Now it works fine.

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