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Cemre Güngör
Posted Feb 09 - Read on Facebook

Anyone else encounter a bug with the Sketch importer where layers grow twice as big if they are totally transparent? I sometimes need transparent layers to define click targets or to make masks.

This is what I get in Sketch and Framer

Sketch file:

cc Ale Muñoz


Matt Wujek

Been meaning to ask this for awhile. On top of this, masking in Sketch has never worked for me either. I just clip them in Framer which turns out to be really cumbersome for my workflow. Definitely looking for a solution to both of these issues.

Kim Does

Matt Wujek I believe for masking you need to make sure your mask layer has a color plus 100 opacity (even if you don't see it in Sketch) to get it to work. I had some issues with that.

Noah Levin

Yes I've had this issue too and just get lazy and fix it in code with scale:

Maykel Loomans

I think I fixed this last week by putting a layer of white with 1% opacity in the containing group around the one being made smaller.

My logic was that the containing group didn't have a bounding box so that was why it happened.

Cemre Güngör

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