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Jitendra Vyas
Posted Feb 09 - Read on Facebook

How to get this setup in my browser locally as shown in this Video half screen for code and half screen for live reload preview? I download framer.js from github but index.html opens preview in full screen. it will be cool if I can setup like this.

I tried with Sublime Text in half screen and preview window in half screen but preview windows is not responsive.


Cemre Güngör

you should really try framer studio!

Jitendra Vyas

Yes but can't afford right now.

Marcelo Eduardo Oliveira

I think Koen was using the web editor in that video ( haven't seen it for a while )

You could also try a "livereload" solution.
There's plenty of options:

1. (free) If you ever used a build system like Yeoman, that will do the trick.
2. Commercial options: LiveReload ( ) CodeKit (I use this one but I assume you use Windows so its a no go) (free demo) or others.
3. (Free) other options: you can find several open source projects - used by some of the options above - but you will need to find your way.

After you have things set up, just point you browser to the server you created with livereload, resize to half the screen, let sublime in the other half and voilá! done! everytime you save the code the browse reloads, it's kind of a manual FramerStudio

Jitendra Vyas

Marcelo Live reload and Yeoman I know. I was just asking if I can get the web editor which was shown in the video.

also (as I mentioned above) the preview screen (index.html) is not responsive so when I reduce the width of browser the object stays at right side of screen not middle

Jitendra Vyas

Marcelo Eduardo Oliveira

It is not. when using fullscreen the positions are absolute.
Yep, I imagine you're talking about that preview. But I havent'seen it in months, sorry.

Jitendra Vyas

for now I wil work with vertical spliting on screen if that Web Editor is not avaialbe

Koen Bok

Jitendra send us an email at [email protected] and we'll work something out.

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