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Jitendra Vyas
Posted Feb 07 - Read on Facebook

The Javascript code which we write to make Framer.js prototype can be used in native app too? I mean can i give that code to iOS or Android developer so they can use that code to have those animations and interactions in the actual app?


Joel Leví Hernández

Most likely not, each development sdk has it's own preexisting components which can be extended to (menus,buttons,lists,modals) and which have a set of interfaces which need to be sufficed by the developer, of course if you are building a completely different user interface that could not be achieved by extending these components, your prototypes might provide some insight to the developers when building their own components.

Jon Gold

You can probably translate easing & timing values into whichever SDK they're using tho

Barry G. White

This article by Paul Stamatiou touches on the differences between Framer, iOS and Android, a little:

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