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Mariam Braimah
Posted Feb 06 - Read on Facebook

Hi Guys!

I just downloaded framer.js and framer generator, but I'm having an issue with importing PSD layers from PS CC to framer. It seems like the import is going fine b/c I get the "Framer.Importer.load" after the import is complete but I don't see any of my layers populated on the left hand side like the screenshot shows on the site (see attached screenshot). Can someone help me this? Not sure if its a view setting that I'm missing.



David El Rojo

This confused the hell out of me also, and they should really change this on the framer website. The above is not a screenshot of framer. It's actually a screen shot of the program "Sketch" which you can also import into framer.

Unfortunately there is no such layer view in framer, and personally I think the import feature leaves a lot to be desired.

Andreas Wahlström

Yes, there's no such list in framer studio unfortunately. But if you're using Sublime Text, you can install this plugin which at least gives you autocomplete for imported layers:

Mariam Braimah

Wow! Thanks for that, I've been trying to figure this out since yesterday. Yea they should get on that, it's very confusing especially since they reference sketch and this layer functionality with similar screenshots throughout the site. So any advice on how I can get some sort of idea of layer names/variables? I'm not very familiar with javascript, just a visual designer trying to prototype interactions lol

Mariam Braimah

Andreas Wahlström thanks for that, so when you say autocomplete what exactly does that mean?

Mariam Braimah

actually forget it I see what it means based on the visuals. So would you suggest using sublime instead of the framer terminal to code the interactions?

Joshua Tucker

Mariam Braimah Hey Mariam! Where you might be getting confused is that you screenshot you posted is a picture of the Sketch application window. It's not a representation how the layers are shown in Framer. Neither the generator or Framer Studio shows you a list of groups or folders/layers.

The names of your folders inside of your Photoshop document will be the exact same variable names in Framer. So, if you have a folder named "submitButton", the layer in Framer for that folder will also be "submitButton".

Does this make sense? If not, let us know and we can help you further.

Mariam Braimah

Thanks Joshua Tucker, that does help. Do you work with Framer by any chance? If so this seems like an issue other people are having. I think the screenshots are misleading users, like myself and David (first comment), to believe this is what framer looks like. If you don't work with/for Framer disregard this lolol :p

Joshua Tucker

Koen Bok, Benjamin Den Boer, and Jorn van Dijk are the ones you are looking for, and it's definitely something to consider!

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