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Petter Nilsson
Posted Aug 04 - Read on Facebook

Hey! Has anyone used an online service to user test their Framer prototype, like Which service is the most suitable for Framer prototypes, and specifically what’s the best way of presenting it fullscreen (without browser ui) to the user while testing? Thanks!


Koen Bok

I have no tips, but I'd love to hear your experience.

Jon Gold

This is a fantastic idea. I bet you could rig something up with an analytics tool - I'll see if I can get something working.

Kevin Cannon

Can you detect if it's been added to the home screen or not? Maybe you could add instructions to the webpage.

They have a free service, Peek, you can do 3 free tests a month with.

Petter Nilsson

Seems like you can use window.navigator.standalone to detect if launched from home screen. I'll try that, thanks! Will make sure to share my experience if it turns out ok.

Dave Crow

Did you have any luck with a prototype on usertesting[dot]com, Petter? Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I was thinking of doing the same thing, so I was curious if it had worked for you.

Petter Nilsson

Dave Crow Yeah, I did end up using it and it worked pretty well. I had to do some adjustments to the prototype though. I preloaded all the images (by adding a loading/wait screen), and added a check to see if the prototype was run in fullscreen from the homescreen (by checking if window.navigator.standalone is true). If not I showed a screen with instructions of how to do it. I also added code to scale the prototype to fit several phone sizes (by changing Framer.Device.contentScale). Hope this helps!

Dave Crow

Excellent. Thanks for the info Petter!

Andreas Mitschke

Petter Nilsson The fullescreen check could be a good module useful for people here ;)

Christian Poschmann

Sorry to dig up this old post, but does anyone have experience with the Agency plans of

My company got a quote that is just out of this world. Basically what they are explaining to me is that they don't offer one account to be used by the agency, but rather one account per client. So basically they are trying to use us as a sales team for their company and lock us into multiple plans, which is just not feasible from a budget point of view.

Has anyone heard of good alternatives? Most services I found are mostly geared toward web- and marketing sites, but no mobile testing.

Amy Casillas

Petter Nilsson - I know this is old, but I was wondering if you had the user test on their actual phone, or in the simulated phone on desktop?

Petter Nilsson

It was made on their actual phones.

Nick Hanigan

Petter, after doing Kenny Chen's course I also signed up for his newsletter (which I think is excellent).There are a number of lists for testing sites that I've read about in the past 3 weeks. (See under user research for one such that I saved.)

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