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Kim Does
Posted Feb 06 - Read on Facebook

I've been working on a details screen, and specifically on scrolling (nav bar appears) and drag to close.

It works pretty well on my mac, but not on a phone. This probably has to do with the fact that scroll events (or drag?) don't work well on touch devices.

Any suggestions how to make it also work on touch devices? Or how to make an alternate version for touch?


Kim Does

On the phone the problem is actually with the drag to close ... it just shows a white bg, instead of what we see in the video, and it doesn't actually close.

Tarun Chakravorty

I'm having this same issue on a prototype of mine. I've had to split my work into 2 different prototypes and show it so far. I wonder what the solution is.

Koen Bok

In iOS8 scroll events *should* be passed on mobile but I haven't had the time to dive into it myself. Apple made a bunch of performance optimizations for scrollviews on mobile that sometimes translate in hard to explain behaviour. Our own custom scroll view (which is in the works) should solve this once and for all.

Joshua Tucker

Yeah, unfortunately drag is kinda iffy on mobile because it can conflict with the UIWebView bounce/scroll. Like Koen Bok mentioned, the custom scroll/drag will be able to address this better.

Kim Does

Thanks everyone! I'll just stick with showing this on desktop for now.

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