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Jérémy Jones
Posted Feb 05 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys, what is the best way to integrate a PSD?

1 - You name all your folders, import them via import-FramerJS
2 - You slice the PSD and export all the images inside the /image FramerJS
content = new Layer
x:0, y:0, width:640, height:1665, image:"images/content.png"

Right now, I'm testing the second choice and I have some questions.
Check my example:

When I hover the hamburger, I would like to change the hamburger color.
I use the Events.MouseOver & Events.MouseOut to do that with an different image.
Is that correct? Do you have any other solutions?

As you can see when I click on the hamburger, I have an animation.
I would to keep the hamburger at the same position, inside the blue bar.
What I tried is to manipulate his Y. But failed, not the good way, too tricky.
What should I do?

Thanks a lot.