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Charlie Sneath
Posted Nov 26 - Read on Facebook

I'm trying animate the opacity of 3 objects that are hidden in my Sketch file. I have set their visibility = true, and am trying to animate opacity to 1.

There are three layers I would like to animate in sequence:


I am setting the current layer name programmatically, but the layers are not animating correctly. It works if I have the layer unhidden in Sketch when loading the file. Any ideas? Thanks!

showResults = (i) ->
if i < 3
result = layers['result' + i]
opacity: 1
time: .3

Utils.delay .05, ->
showResults(i + 1)


Camilo Mahecha

Also you can add layer.opacity = 0, then you layer starts in "hidden state".. 2 years later, but I had the same problem and I just found this that might be helpful for some else :)

Alan Travis

I believe the sketch import tool ignores a sketch group if it is hidden... If you need it to be hidden in sketch but want it to import into framer, I think you need to set opacity to 0 in sketch, while also leaving the group visible.

Charlie Sneath

That definitely works, but honestly it's just hard to work in Sketch while these layers are visible (they cover other elements).

Preferable to be able to have them hidden, but I can definitely work around it.

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