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Jon Knoland Blair
Posted May 25 - Read on Facebook

Hey all. I'm trying to get Google Map API into Framer. I can get the map to display and style, but I can't get it to be interactive. Can't move the map or zoom. Any ideas how to do this?


Nikolas Tsoor

Hi all, I know it's an old one, did any one managed to integrate a styled google map in to framer?

Jon Knoland Blair

Yea, I did get it to work. If I can find the file I'll upload it

Jean-Francois Hector

Jon yes please, I'd love to see the file!

Allen Chan

+1 Jon Knoland Blair much help if you can share how you did it. It's my 1st time working w/real data in framer and i don't even know where to start T___T

Koen Bok

Could it be the ignoreEvents property?

Jon Knoland Blair

Don't have that anywhere in my code

Koen Bok

Layers ignore events by default (for performance). Try setting yourMapLayer.ignoreEvents = false

Jon Knoland Blair

That works, thanks!

Koen Bok

I'd love an example of Google maps integration to post here.

Jon Knoland Blair

I'll definitely throw mine up when it gets more polish on it!

Mike Feldstein

Brian Armstrong did this once upon a time... how did you do it?

Brian Armstrong

I just used the google web maps API, but it was never very performant. Ideal solution would be to use the mobile API but because the prototypes run in a web view you'd have to get pretty creative and have integration in the app you're viewing it in.

Christian Poschmann

Hey, I don't know if this is relevant to your question, but i played around with integrating MapBox. Maybe this is of help.

Min-Sang Choi

Brian Armstrong +1 It's not looking good either. do you have any solution to use mobile API in framer prototype?

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