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Koen Bok
Posted Feb 06 - Read on Facebook

If you ever wondered how Bézier curves work, check out this visualization.


Mike Feldstein

These gifs are what made the whole thing click for me.

Koen Bok

Same for me :-)

Marc Haumann

This is super cool. Does anyone know if there's a way to translate actual control point angles/sizes from Illustrator and Sketch into these kinds of points? It seems there are some differences, but ones that can be reconciled somehow...

Peter Ng

Mind melted

Marc Haumann

I realized Sketch/Ilustrator just uses 3rd order curves, and the control points between two actual points are identical to 'P1' and 'P2'

Tisho Georgiev

You can get all the control/anchor points data through Sketch's SVG export.

Joshua Tucker

Jay Stakelon had a really good example at one point but I can't seem to find it! It was build with Framer as well.

Jay Stakelon

Hmmm. Maybe you're thinking of tho it isn't really about Bézier curves but more of just a way to play with animation/spring values?

Joshua Tucker

Jay Stakelon My bad, you're right.

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