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Jérémy Jones
Posted Feb 04 - Read on Facebook

Quick question guys, can we export a prototype to a GIF animated?

Like that

Or do I need to record my screen?


Stephen Crowley

You'll need to screen capture the proto in action and use a video to gif converter like GIF Brewery or photoshop

Stephen Crowley

Oh I'll have to check this out. I really like having control of quality and trimming video before making it into a gif

Patrick Wong

it works well for making quick gifs, for Dribbble where you need higher quality, I'd go with importing to photoshop like you recommended

Stephen Crowley

Cool! Yeah, definitely checking it out

Patryk Sobczak

Hey Jérémy! I used quicktime to record framer and then imported the output file to Photoshop by creating a video layer. The layer then becomes a smart object, which you can scale to fit your mockup and finally export the whole thing as a gif. :)

Jay Stakelon

FWIW I use Screenflick or QT to capture video and then bring into Photoshop. You can do basic trimming in Photoshop and of course lots of control over the final gif output.

Jérémy Jones

Patryk Sobczak Thanks! what about the quality of your gif in photoshop? Which one do you choose?

Patryk Sobczak

Jérémy Jones, shared both the .psd and settings here, feel free to take a peek:

Jérémy Jones

Patryk Sobczak Thanks!

Johannes Eckert

when it needs to be hiqh quality I make a quicktime recording at 60fps, then go through photoshop adjusting it to get it to a filesize I want.

If it's just a very quick GIF to share with colleagues, I use LieCap.

All the videos I record I press through Miro Video Converter into MP4, those videos are often times smaller than the GIF

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