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Zoltan Ray
Posted Feb 04 - Read on Facebook

Wondering if it's possible to use the animation object's bezier interpolation on the output from Utils.modulate... Seems like I could pass (0-1) output to something like then remap the resulting coordinates back to real numbers. But that also seems pretty impractical to do every frame - is there a better way?


Tisho Georgiev

Depends on what you need this for. What you described is exactly how the bezier interpolator in Framer works, so it's perfectly reasonable to use this approach for animation.

Zoltan Ray

That's what I was hoping - still really new at this. I'm using a draggable object to control properties of a few other objects via modulate. I'd like to apply a bezier curve to modulate's output so the resulting movement is smoother and more choreographed.

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