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Patryk Sobczak
Posted Feb 03 - Read on Facebook

Just finished my second prototype! I'm not very happy with the code quality though, I have a felling it could be way more efficient.

Some questions:
1. Is there an "on load" event, so the content box animation could start automatically, without requiring me to tap on the background layer in order to toggle them?
2. Can I set .states.animationOptions for two or more layers in one line? What's the syntax for that?

I'd appreciate any comments that could help improve the code, you can play around it with here:

I also shared an axure link if anyone's into that. Also, thanks to Pietro for the mockup inspiration!


Matt Wujek

There might be a better way to do this, but this has always worked for me

Joshua Tucker

Nice Patryk! Regarding 1., you can use window.onload = function(). Put all that you want to animate on the page load inside the function and you should be good to go.

Chase Klingel

Jimmy Bryant check out this axure prototype. Patryk Sobczak looks amazing!

Patryk Sobczak

thanks Matt and Joshua, will look it up!

Peter Hilgersom

Nice work Patryk Sobczak. It's really nice to see how framer brings a lot of flavor and feel to the table in contrary to axure.

Patryk Sobczak

Thanks Peter. I agree, even with low fidelity assets people seem to react better to Framer. I'm actually considering ditching Axure for simpler projects and going with a lo-fi photoshop+framer approach first, then invision for comments on a more visually polished version.

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