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Stephen Crowley
Posted Jan 28 - Read on Facebook

All the work I've been doing in the last 8 months I haven't been able to show. I do however have a Sunday morning Framer project to share:

This inspired me to learn XCode/Swift (XCode for Designers course and a lot of Googling), which has become quite challenging and rewarding. I do have a video of the progress and felt I should share this as well, mistakes and all.
I call it Peepchat as a working title and had a little fun with some branding. I'm using Parse for the backend and I was able to capture the message and compress the image and send to Parse (hey, gotta start somewhere). Thinking of writing a post with progress if anyone is interested in the details.


Jorn van Dijk

Super cool.

Baed Dennis Rick

nice idea with the avatars!

Stephen Crowley

Thank you! I have a few more ideas I am exploring to enhance the concept but at it's core I wanted to explore the notion of context, really seeing if I can improve the instant messaging experience. I find it difficult sometimes to understand someones tone in a message without site or sound, it's hard to decipher- the idea of capturing facial expressions and surroundings intrigue me. It's really about how to include all that with minimal effort on the users part.

Baed Dennis Rick

yeah there is always been a lack OF EMOTION IN TEXT

Nick Kutateli

So good.

Ed Chao

clever :)

Luke Warda

Hey Stephen Crowley, if you don't mind me asking. Have you built the final prototype in framer or xcode? I'm considering prototyping options for a chat app and i'm trying to decide if i should approach it in Framer or Xcode.

Stephen Crowley

Hey Luke - I made this about a year ago and created a prototype in Framer and then XCode, you can check out some of it here:

Luke Warda

Cool! Thank you for clarifying. For the Xcode implementation did you write it in swift? Have you used JSQMessagesViewController? Trying to figure out what is the best way for me to approach this. I need a chat that can share media like image, video, but also have an option of sharing special chat bubbles that are more customised. Also, would you consider sharing the code for both?

Andrew Nalband


JL Flores Mena

wow this is so cool, and the move from Framer to XCode is inspiring, thanks for sharing Stephen!

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