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Moaaz Sidat
Posted Feb 02 - Read on Facebook

Is it possible to do something like:
> "foo folder for folder in Sketch.folders"
to target each of the groups within the super group 'folders' in a Sketch file, and applying the function foo on them, in Framer?
What is a better way to do this?


Joshua Tucker

If I am understanding correctly, you want to ensure that whatever function "foo" does applies to all your subLayers inside the superLayer (or group) "folders", which is imported from Sketch, correct?

I included an image on how I am interpreting what you are looking for. Basically, I created a function called "foo". Inside foo, I create a for loop that loops through all the subLayers inside the superLayer (or group) "folders". Inside the for loop, I add the code I wish to execute on and it does it for all the subLayers inside "folders".

Does this address your question?

Moaaz Sidat

Thanks a bunch! Wasn't using the subLayers method, which resolved the question.

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