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Joshua Tucker
Posted Feb 03 - Read on Facebook

Happy Super Bowl Sunday to all who follow! Or, greetings to all of you with the timezone appropriate phrase! :).

I spent a few minutes this afternoon writing up a tutorial on an incredibly-powerful feature that Framer Studio offers (one that I think is often overlooked) – code snippets. Code snippets are essentially saved or bookmarked code you can create for Framer Studio so you can quickly add specific code you put together whenever you wish inside a project you are working on. This is great especially when we are bombarded with so much great code from tutorials, examples, and the gracious people who contribute to the community here. We can't possibly remember it all. Now we don't have to worry about it!

Enjoy! And excuse my relatively plain website in advance – my HTML/CSS skills are a work in progress!


Juan Sanchez

Awesome! I agree that snippets are super powerful. Hoping for folder support for organization and the ability to create a snippet via a selection soon :-)

Joshua Tucker

Juan Sanchez You and I are thinking on the same page. Both things I'd love too.

Matthew Jones

Whoa. Totally overlooked this.

Peter Hilgersom

the simpler a website, the better Joshua Tucker!

Joshua Tucker

Peter Hilgersom True, true – maybe I meant to say that I haven't done really anything with it and it's pretty barebones :P.

Matt Bogado

Great tip, Joshua! I'd love to see some of your fav code snippets :)

Joshua Tucker

Matt Bogado Honestly, that is a rather convicting question! I am just starting to curate some of my own but quite frankly I don't have many. But, I think being able to share snippets one day would be amazing – in a more inline way. I would be happy to share some for sure if you're interested, as I put them together. So far it's mostly stuff that is like setup related (example being initiating variables for Paper.js in Framer or something).

Matt Bogado

Yeah, and just grab snippets from other Framer projects, and modify them for your designs. That would be a great feature!

Joshua Tucker

Matt Bogado Agreed! Helpful to target specific code that is needed.

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