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Stefanie Hive
Posted Jan 31 - Read on Facebook

Hello Framer friends!

I'm new to Framer, and feeling a bit overwhelmed on where to start. I love the idea of creating a responsive prototype of a small app I created as a school project. I currently have working psd files and am already having difficulty importing the layers. Are there any video tutorials or other resources I can look to for beginner help? I've completed some codeacademy courses but still consider myself very beginner :) Any tips are welcome! Thanks.


Joshua Tucker

Hi Stefanie! Welcome to to group. Glad you could join us! Absolutely, there is a plethora of information available all over – especially on the Framer website.

Regarding importing layers from PS, is this page from the Learn section on the Framer website helpful for you at all?

The Learn page in general is a great place to start:

I would recommend, if you feel that you still are a little wobbly, don't try importing your designs yet and start playing with creating animations and interactions in code – building your own layers, etc. From there, you can bridge the gap by doing the same thing on layers you've created in PS and now reside in your Framer environment.

Start with these and see where they take you. If you've passed these with no problem, let us know and we'd all be happy to give you more to direct yourself to. If you've already done this stuff above, let me know! I'll start curating :).

Stefanie Hive

Thanks Josh! I figured out my issue :)

Joshua Tucker

Stefanie Hyde Awesome! Keep us posted. We'd love to see your creation as it evolves. And as always, we are always here to help!

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