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Chase Klingel
Posted Feb 02 - Read on Facebook

I'm planning to make a prototype for a desktop site. Is Framer JS a good option for this?


John Chan

In short yes, nothing is stopping you from doing that, but it depends what's the goal of your proto. IMO, framer is best for testing micro interactions and small high fidelity mobile flows.

Matthew Jones


Matt Wujek

I agree. If you're building a web app, just make prototypes of detailed segments. I had to make a framer prototype for a website and it was difficult to replicate simple things that are simply done in HTML/CSS/JQuery (e.g. waypoints, carousels, etc.)

Trevor Phillippi

For me, Framer gives me tools for mobile prototyping that I already feel like I have for the web in using HTML/CSS in something like CodePen.

Dean Birkett

Depends on the fidelity. I use Axure, but if you are quicker in code then dive in.

Chase Klingel

Thanks for all the feedback! It's much appreciated.

Peter Hilgersom

The upside to Axure is that, when you create a high fidelity prototype, you can update much quicker. Just adjust the sketch/photoshop and import et voila. Whilst in Axure you have to c/p everything. And setting up clickpaths is really easy with framer anyway :)

Noah Tsutsui

If there aren't any animations, Invision is the best I've seen yet.

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