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Stephen Crowley
Posted Feb 02 - Read on Facebook

The Interaction Design Assoc. conference Interaction15 in SF starts in a little over a week, I'll be there and just curious if others from the Framer community will be attending? Would be great to meet up!


Joshua Tucker

Been highly considering it!

Joshua Tucker

And just checked and tickets are sold out...well bummer.

Stephen Crowley

Ah, womp womp.

Chad Lonberger

Am bummer, would have checked it out also. Any other events coming up on everyone's calendar?

Andreas Wahlström

I'll be there :)

Joshua Tucker

People that are able to should swing by the area, even if they are not going – maybe we can plan something.

Stephen Crowley

That'd be great. I'm not familiar with the area so any suggestions on a place would be awesome

Peter Hilgersom

I'm close to 5.500 miles from SF, nope! ;)

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