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Jason Ogle
Posted Jan 30 - Read on Facebook

Really love this community. Some really smart, helpful and generous folks here. With that I have a Framer question and a guidance question:

1) Is there a way to declare layer hierarchy apart from superLayer/subLayer since once I use these I cannot seem to style both objects independently?

2) I am a designer who codes primarily HTML/CSS. but am just recently diving hard into mastering Javascript. I feel very unequipped currently to be successful with Framer. Can you guys offer me guidance on the optimal path to really be able to get the most out of Framer and execute my ideas quickly & easily? Should I master Javascript first, then Coffeescript? I’ve looked at a lot of examples, but see so many different techniques being used, I am not really grasping many patterns.

Thanks in advance!


Joshua Tucker

We really love having YOU here! Here's my input:

1) Of course! Layers have an index value, and the higher the number, the higher up on the hierarchy. Index values are assigned to layers in order of initialization (starting from 1). I included a screenshot of how that plays out – and how to change its index number to change its hierarchy.

2) I am not from a coding background (HTML or CSS) either, so I may not be the best to guide you per say on an actual route. I can assure you though that if you just dive into the examples, resources, and source that Framer provides as well as just pouring through the internet to look for answers to specific questions, you will be amazed how powerful you will become! I found that, once I got into something, I was way more inclined to research what I needed to know to get it working. It made way more sense as I went along because one, I was failing and learning, and in the end, I actually accomplished what I wanted, versus simply learning it. Javascript or Coffeescript, I made it work.

Koen Bok

Hey Jason. Learning js (or anything really) is all about keeping motivation imho. For some that means building a solid foundation through reading theory or doing a course. We call this Mr. Miyagi style.

But others like to jump right in and start building something. Often they copy and paste things from other prototypes and start googling if things break. We call this "step into the ring" style.

I've seen both work. The most important factor seemed to be finding a way to enjoy the learning process for yourself. Another data point is that most people get really comfortable (the click) after 1-2 weeks of practise.

Peter Hilgersom

I can relate to that. I do not dislike coding but I do need a purpose to it. I've finished most codecademy tutorials and everything but there was never really much motivation to continue with it. Now I can combine my designs with coding and it makes things much much more interesting. I think just finding out all the things you dont know or get stuck on is good way to learn. For instance: I know index creates hierarchy for layers. So do super/sub-layers. But index doesn't create relationships as super/sub-layers do right?

Koen Bok

Correct. Index determines the order given 1) layers are on the same hierarchy level (same superLayer) and 2) have the same z value (depth in 3d space).

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