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Trevor Phillippi
Posted Jan 30 - Read on Facebook

I've been finding Sketch Import to become unmanageable for complex animations and interactions, my temptation is to just code it all since the UI is relatively simple and easy to lay out programmatically. Is this a common approach? (Just writing all of the UI code instead of importing layers)


Jordan Robert Dobson

That's all I end up doing most of the time. Especially when you want to make changes to the design. I think it all depends on what you are comfortable with. I was doing design in code previously so I tend to just build out the UI outside of photoshop or sketch.

Joshua Tucker

I'm almost the complete opposite. I design most of my stuff in Sketch and code any layers that need to do significant animation. But, I try to simplify my designs as much as possible to reduce the # of layers and actual moving parts.

Brandon Souba

I find that using sketch import greatly reduces your initial set up code. The import feature is a bit buggy, but I still find it faster than hand coding the initial layout.

Koen Bok

Please report bugs as you find them. We're currently inventorizing and will do a bugfix pass with the Sketch team soon.

Tarun Chakravorty

oh my god YES. I've been wondering this for EVER.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Yeah similar approach here Callil - My stuff usually can't be fixed width so I end up having to build a fairly fluid prototype.

Tarun Chakravorty

became too excited and hit enter. To your point, yeah, I almost always wrote the UI code myself, because i found it easier from the perspective of having visible control over the layering system. I noticed that as i kept working on a prototype and added in more interactions, I found myself rearranging layers to improve the hierarchy. As a result I just end up writing the full UI code. Its not that big a deal i think, adding layers and positioning them is simple enough. I think the only disadvantage is that you have a longer file / more visible code.

Jordan Robert Dobson

I end up building out all the components into global layer objects and then add them to my index page and then Import them into my framer file so I have a bit less code to look at.

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