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Lukas Siegele
Posted Jan 30 - Read on Facebook

Hi everyone,

i made my little prototype with Framer Generator Version 3.0.36 . Now I want to preview it on my iPad, so i've downloaded Framer Studio.

My Question: How do I get the app.js file work with the Studio Version?


Joshua Tucker

I've never transitioned from Generator to Studio before, but have you tried opening the project folder in Framer Studio? File > Open?

Or, starting a new project in Framer Studio and then replacing the folders from your old project in the new folder (selectively of course).

I compared the screenshot from the link below with a project of my own created in Studio and it looks like the app.js/ can be placed right at the root project folder.

Let me know if either of these work – otherwise I'll look into it further. I'd like to know myself for the future.

Lukas Siegele

Unfortunately none of the options you mentioned worked. I think Framer Studio is Coffeescript only and cannot read the "old" Javascript files.

Joshua Tucker

Hmm. I do know there are some reserved JS terms (like var) but otherwise I've done strict JS in Studio before. Maybe try copy and pasting the code into the new project and moving the imported files to their location?

Koen Bok

Yeah it cannot. You can convert your code here:

Lukas Siegele

thanks Koen Bok this saved me so much time! by the way this tool isnt able to translate some keywords like "switch". you have to replace them for a random word and rename that word afterwards. just in case.

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