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Dave Feldman
Posted Jan 29 - Read on Facebook

Request: It would be super-neat if the Photoshop importer could import a hierarchy of layer groups (maybe down to a user-defined level, or even just two levels), so I could create a Layer hierarchy in the PSD instead of in code.


Andreas Wahlström

what's the use case, here? hierarchy is already available using layer.superlayer, for example: (sorry if I misunderstood)

Kevin Cannon

I assume it's so you don't have to manually recreate the structure.
e.g. if you hav navbar.buttonA, navbar.buttonB etc...

Dave Feldman

Kevin is correct — the idea is you use Photoshop's layer-management tools to create the Layer hierarchy instead of doing it in the code. Two benefits there: (1) less code; (2) you can keep your Photoshop files organized.

David El Rojo

So I just started using framer, but I've been very confused because I found this video before I purchased, which seems to do just what you are mentioning. In the video he is also able to mask things from photoshop and they update in framer. Did they update framer and remove these features or something?

Matt Wujek

David, I'm pretty sure that feature has been removed. Here's a solution (drag the icon around the screen):

David El Rojo

That's a pretty big bummer. Those features looked very useful. They should probably see about removing outdated videos.

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