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Max Petriv
Posted Jan 28 - Read on Facebook

How do you completely uninstall Framer Studio on OSX?


Arron J Hunt

Drag to trash
Empty trash

Max Petriv

Meaning deleting other files it creates on the system as well.

Marcelo Eduardo Oliveira

I use app zapper for those tasks. Don't know if it still being sold though

Joshua Tucker

I use AppCleaner. It's free and updated for Yosemite. Open the app, drop the app into it, and it will show you all the files to be removed.

Max Petriv

Doesn't work with Framer. For some reason it's showing it as locked.

Joshua Tucker

Max Petriv Screenshot?

Max Petriv

See a little lock on the icon? Can't drag it into the app or select it.

Max Petriv

Basically here is my problem. I am using a mac that was used by someone before me at my job. They previously I guess used Framer trial. And when I install the app it tells me I can't use it. I am all down for dropping $80 on it to unlock. Just trying to see if there is a way around it. Deleting and reinstalling doesn't help.

Koen Bok

I think this an os or permissions problem.

Joshua Tucker

It's a safeguard, Koen Bok (just tried what I say below and it works fine). The workaround is to click the checkbox twice instead of once. Just noticed that was the safeguard. Dragging the app from Finder > Applications in the standard window also is a way to circumvent the lock. Either way, it will prompt you if it needs your login to remove the content.

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